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2023-25 Gen5 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete Pivoting or Non Pivoting Rear Arms

2023-25 Gen5 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete Pivoting or Non Pivoting Rear Arms

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Gen 5 Torsion Delete kits  / Available in both Expert style Non Pivot rear arms and the Pivoting rear arm, that can also be locked out.

Kits currently in stock for a  23-25 Non Pivot Rear Arm Kits. $1,795.00 / Pivoting Rear Arm Kits, with Lock out capability.  $1,925.00

Included in the kits are ; New Rocker arm, Throttle rods, stop block,  New front, rear shock package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Billy Wills

After blowing out my ACL and MCL I was looking for a softer ride. I found it these not only helped on the whooped-out road. The side hilling fills easier I always felt like the rear wanted to wash out with stock set up on the 154.I found myself aiming for every hump I could find so I could jump this sled. Never thought I would be jumping again. When I found a rock and trashed my upper A-arm I pumped the shock up a little higher and was able to drive it out of the back country with ease. I love this set up.

justin stout
The best there is.

My 23 Expert turbo is the second sled I’ve purchased from Tom’s and also the second sled I've gone with his suspension set up on. It definitely wont be the last. Both times i have been blown away with not only the quality and attention to detail but the level of amazing service they provide. The suspension upgrade is very noticeable and worth every penny. As a side note, i noticed a review upset about not getting the suspension they had ordered back in December and would just add that Fox factory was the cause of supply issues and anyone who had to wait, myself included, was waiting because Fox was behind and the delay had nothing to do with Toms. The delay was out of their control.

Troy Zeman
Great customer service.

Tom was very responsive on set up questions, especially for a weekend!

Haven’t received them yet

Had Tom’s setup on my ‘21 turbo and really liked it, that’s why I ordered a set for my’23 back in December, but they still haven’t arrived.