Our Idea

Why Tom's?

We get this question a lot. Why go with Tom's Shocks over an off the shelf Fox package? Two reasons. Custom setup by the best Fox tuner on the planet and the ability to get rid of Ski-Doo's torsion bars. 

First - valving & setup. Your suspension is only as good as it is tuned to you. We are firm believers that if you have the swankiest dampers and springs technology, but do not back that up with the proper setup, you might as well stick with the OEM stuff as you will be severely disappointed. We have decades of tuning under our belts, and have a very close relationship with Fox. We are able to valve our shocks in very clever ways that extract more on-snow performance than any tuning or suspension shop on the planet. Rest assured, you will get a setup that is absolutely dialed for your use.

Second - torsion bar delete. This is the product that brings the most performance to your Ski-Doo snowmobile, hands down. Here is why it is so much better...

What makes our torsion bar delete skid better then stock?
  • Conservatively 3.5 lbs. lighter then stock / unsprung weight = x 1.5 / more then 5 lbs. lighter
  • Infinitely more adjustable for each rider
  • Air pressure adjustment between the 2 air chambers, (main and Evol)
  • Weight transfer adjustment control w/ adjustable heim joint
  • Lockout control with shims behind heim reducers.
  • Better weight transfer control, that allows quicker “out of the snow acceleration”, giving you faster ground speed then stock. (You can experience 9 mph or faster ground speed over stock. We are able to accomplish this by keeping more track on the ground during this acceleration period.)
  • (How many times have you heard, or said, “my track speed is 35 mph., as I am turning out on the hill”. ((what’s wrong with this picture? statement?))
  • 70% range of compression adjustment
  • 60% range of rebound adjustment
  • With full Kashima body shock, we accomplish less friction from air, to be like or similar to a coil over initiation movement
  • For the center or front track shock, stock traditionally starts movement with a 150 lb. spring, whereas with the new Kashima, at 50 lbs. of air it will initiate like or similar to an 80 lb. spring, but will quickly ramp up, and will eventually finish with an overall higher finish rate then stock . Ex. 150 lb. x 4” shaft travel = 600 lbs. force. Air w/ 50 lbs. air x 4” shaft travel = slightly over 900 lbs. of force. This = better range of adjustment. 

 Still can't decide? Here's a clip of our buddy Duncan Lee giving his thoughts on our product- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbzsjT70lhw